What can we do for you?

Initiate, propose and complete preparations for the conclusion of insurance contracts



  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Identification and assessment of the risks to which the client is exposed in business, through a combination of risk reviews on insurance sites (risk survey) and pre-defined forms for certain types of insurance (e.g. risk assessment questionnaire)
  • Preparation of risk reports and advice on the necessary preventive measures to reduce the possibility of an occurrence of a harmful event
  • Preparation of reports on risks and current insurance policy coverage with suggestions for improvement
  • Estimation of insurance premium costs for the purpose of defining an appropriate budget
  • Estimation of the appropriate amount of retention / deductible per certain type of insurance
  • Creation of benchmark reports for your industry (benchmark reports)
  • Support in defining the insurance strategy
  • Development of the structure of the optimal insurance program

Processes included in the negotiation phase


Policy negotiation

  • Preparation and implementation of insurance procurement tenders in domestic and / or international insurance market
  • Preparation of an analysis of insurance quotations with comments, suggestions and recommendations
  • Presentation of tender results and selection support of the most favorable solution
  • Monitoring of the process of issuing documents from the insurance contract
  • Checking of policy coverage and contents upon their issuance
  • Administration of contracted insurance policies and their adjustment and modification according to the the client’s needs, with the goal of achieving better protection
  • Creation of insurance manuals

Support with exercising rights from an insurance contract



  • Claim report
  • Professional assistance and counseling in the process of resolving claims and realization of rights from concluded contracts on insurance
  • Monitoring of the claim resolution process
  • Coordination of the collection of documentation for completion of claim
  • Communication and meetings with insurers and / or appraisers
  • Preparation of reports on the history of damages and current statuses of open claims

Other services



  • Access to the database of insurance policies and claims on the online portal MY ANO
  • Creation of certificates / certificates of coverage
  • Trainings and education for employees
  • Reviews of and commentary on insurance clauses from contracts between the client and their business partners
  • Communication on the topic of insurance with all stakeholders
  • Access to a rich Aon database containing relevant reports for your industry, professional papers and other materials on risk management and insurance
  • Other ad-hoc requirements


Security is a priority,
not an option

Winter equipment

Colder days are coming soon, and with or without snow, we still have to abide by the "Road Traffic Safety Act".

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Trade credit insurance

By insuring receivables, a company is protected from the risk of non-payment, whether it is caused by a customer’s bankruptcy (loss of receivables due to a pre-bankruptcy settlement is included) or a customer’s diminished financial situation which may lead to extended payment delays.

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Claims - Professional assistance related to claims

You have taken out an insurance policy with an ANO broker or with an insurer directly, but you feel uncertainty or need professional help with the collection of the claims incurred. ANO’s team of experts is at the disposal of all policy holders, regardless of whether they are our clients or not.

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Examples of savings with wider policy coverage with ANO brokers

Take a look at cases in which we have reduced insurance premiums for our clients while providing the same or greater coverage and find out which options they were offered.

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Work process

We are very committed to our work, so we have developed a uniform work process. Do you prefer visual explanations? Do you want to know all the details? Check out the set-up of the ANO broker's work process by clicking on the link below.

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frequently asked questions

What is the first step? Am I paying anything extra?

Working with an insurance broker sounds great, but you still have doubts. See our "Frequently Asked Questions" section. We believe that you will find all the necessary answers and get the desire to at least have a coffee with us.

frequently asked questions


Why choose ANO?

You know that there are many insurance brokers in the market. What sets ANO apart from others and why choose us? We like to say we are different and we are proud of that. Our team consists of dedicated and professional people who always work in your interest. We provide a broader picture of the risks you are exposed to in business and offer the best solutions that will save you time and money.

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